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26th August 2017 - 1st September 2017

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Summer Week 7 - Exploring the Qur’an

Led by Colin Hodgetts

The Qur'an is one of the world's most important religious texts and the finest piece of literature written in Arabic. Yet how many have read it, even in translation? How many have started to read it and given up? Over the week we will explore the Qur'an to discover what it has to say about violence, about women, about Judaism and Christianity and about how we should live. As translations vary widely we will supply copies which you may keep. The translation we will use is also available for free on Kindle. (Goodward, trans. Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, edited by Farida Khanam.)

Colin Hodgetts, educator, composer, Anglican priest and founder of Refugee Action, is also chair of Othona's trustees. He approaches Islam with the determination that inter-faith understanding is vital for the whole human family. His autobiography, 'ACTION! a cleric off the leash', is available on Amazon.

Arrivals:  from 3pm Saturday - first meal is dinner at 7pm

Departures:  Friday morning 11am

Cost:  adults £240 (£180)

Chat Sundays between 10am-12pm

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